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Exclusive Native Ad Formats

  • Native in-Feed Native in‑Feed
  • Native in-Read Native in‑Read
  • Native Video Native Video
  • ICO Listing ICO Listing
  • Sponsored Content Sponsored
Native in-Feed

Native in-Feed

Properly marked ad units, placed
within editorial content feed.

  • 4–40x higher CTR
  • Control targeting, timing and frequency setups
  • Marked by iab standarts
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Native in-Read

Native in-Read

Contextual and highly relevant native
placement within editorial content.

  • Creative personalisation and A/B testing
  • One size fits all — Native on all screens
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Native Video

Native Video

Video is the most attention absorbing media
format. Needs to be displayed natively in order to be accepted and loved by visitors.

  • Auto-play and click-to-play initiation
  • Smooth sound-on on mouse over
  • Subtitles & CTA buttons
  • Expanded view
  • in-Feed, in-Read formats
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ICO Listing

ICO Listing

Exclusive format requires exclusive technology.
We bring machine learning to your listings offering.

  • Use programmatic to feature your clients and enable stream of our clients to fill empty slots
  • 2-3x higher CTR with machine learning algorithms
  • Total control of featured ICOs — pre-approve new clients
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Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

High value and high demand advertising
product powered by cutting-edge technology.

  • Enable a stream of pre-approved PR deals and sponsored content placements.
  • Control and programmatically optimise traffic acquisition to sponsored content pages.
  • Use friendly editor with integrated library of stock images (creative commons licensed) and interactive elements compliant with your designs and layouts: download white paper, subscribe to ICO-alert, follow social media.
  • Real-time engagement and behaviour statistics.
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Why native?

It is the most effective advertising format — both for advertisers and readers.

  • More profitable

    More profitable

    High visual focus of native advertising result in high CTR, so you can charge premium.

  • Good to your users

    Good to your users

    Native formats don’t turn your pages into a cluttered mess (yes, we’re talking banners here). They utilise high-information-value space of editorial content, so they don’t need to shout loud to be heard.

  • Additional inventory

    Additional inventory

    With native advertising you can allocate more space to advertising without compromising your users experience or cutting off existing formats.

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