Native advertising
for your ICO

Super-efficient Adnetic ad formats reinforced by exclusive data and machine-learning
algorithms. We deliver campaigns with guaranteed KPIs

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Exclusive Native Ad Formats

  • Native in-Feed Native in‑Feed
  • Native in-Read Native in‑Read
  • Native Video Native Video
  • ICO Listing ICO Listing
  • Sponsored Content Sponsored
Native in-Feed

Native in-Feed

Properly marked ad units, placed
within editorial content feed.

  • 4–40x higher CTR
  • Control targeting, timing and frequency setups
  • Marked by iab standarts
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Native in-Read

Native in-Read

Contextual and highly relevant native
placement within editorial content.

  • Creative personalisation and A/B testing
  • One size fits all — Native on all screens
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Native Video

Native Video

Video is the most attention absorbing media
format. Needs to be displayed natively in order to be accepted and loved by visitors.

  • Auto-play and click-to-play initiation
  • Smooth sound-on on mouse over
  • Subtitles & CTA buttons
  • Expanded view
  • in-Feed, in-Read formats
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ICO Listing

ICO Listing

Exclusive format requires exclusive technology.
We bring machine learning to your listings offering.

  • Use programmatic to feature your clients and enable stream of our clients to fill empty slots
  • 2-3x higher CTR with machine learning algorithms
  • Total control of featured ICOs — pre-approve new clients
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Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

High value and high demand advertising
product powered by cutting-edge technology.

  • Enable a stream of pre-approved PR deals and sponsored content placements.
  • Control and programmatically optimise traffic acquisition to sponsored content pages.
  • Use friendly editor with integrated library of stock images (creative commons licensed) and interactive elements compliant with your designs and layouts: download white paper, subscribe to ICO-alert, follow social media.
  • Real-time engagement and behaviour statistics.
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Why native?

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    High visual focus of Native Advertising result in high CTR, therefore giving you advantage with low cost per click (CPC).

  • High brand impact

    High brand impact

    Native formats don’t need to shout out loud to be heard. They utilise high-information-value space of editorial content. It builds trust which results in 2-4x brand lift compared to banner ads.

  • Stand out from competition

    Stand out from competition

    Banner spaces are cluttered = your message gets lost. Put your message in forefront of your client attention with our premium native formats.

Trusted by great ICO publishers

Predictive Technologies

Machine learning algorithms and unique 1st party data enable us to dramatically reduce cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL) compared to general networks.

These algorithms update media buying strategy based on real-time data to tailor hundreds of parameters (time, location, language, creatives, formats, customer segments etc.) to the actual user behaviour and performance of your assets.

 The result is dramatically improved ROI.
 The result is dramatically improved ROI.

How we work

  • Settling the offer

    We prepare media plan to meet your campaign goals and the sign up docs

  • Making things native

    We help you adjusting or creating native materials – copyright & visuals for teasers

  • Doing some code magic

    You install code, we set up magic 
to track actions of your future investors and show ads to those who worth it

  • Launching it!

    In less than 3 days you get your campaign rocking

Clients and partners

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